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Psychosis Treatment Response Technical Coordinator Junior Specialist

This position is to serve a multifaceted role as a junior specialist for the Pathophysiologically Informed Biomarkers for Treatment Response In Psychosis (PIB) project at UC Davis Medical Center under Dr. Cameron Carter. The goal of the proposed research is to examine the ability of three non-mutually exclusive pathophysiologically based biomarkers (task fMRI, diffusion measures of free water, and neuromelanin-sensitive MRI) to predict treatment response in individuals with recent onset psychosis. Specifically, we plan to measure each of these biomarkers at baseline in individuals with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and then follow these individuals over a period of 1 year. We will then use a multi-tiered set of analyses to test the predictive power of each biomarker and use more advanced machine and deep learning tools to assess how these measures together predict a positive response to treatment. The incumbent will have multiple roles in the study requiring use of technical and study coordination skills. The incumbent will use knowledge of mental health conditions to recruit research participants, and will conduct phone evaluations to determine study eligibility of potential participants. The incumbent will also consent study participants, schedule all of their research appointments, and monitor progress through the study procedures. The incumbent will conduct clinical interviews for research purposes under the supervision of a faculty member and will conduct behavioral testing sessions and MRI scan sessions. Additionally, the incumbent will use their programming skills and receive training on analysis pipelines for collected data and will use a variety of in-house and commercially available software to process imaging data. The incumbent will manage study IRB protocols, adhering strictly to privacy and confidentiality laws. The incumbent will also manage data collection and organization, including mentoring undergraduate volunteers in the input of data to multiple databases. This job posting is now live! Please complete applications here: For full consideration, you must apply by midnight on July 13, 2020.