Sabrina Ereshefsky

Sabrina Ereshefsky, PhD

Post-Doctoral Clinician

Dr. Sabrina Ereshefsky is a license-eligible clinical psychologist within the UC Davis Early Psychosis Program, working under the mentorship of Dr. Tara Niendam. She received her Ph.D. in Human Services/Child Clinical Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County after completing her pre-doctoral clinical internship at University of Arizona's Early Psychosis Intervention Center (EPICenter). Dr. Ereshefsky's dissertation research assessed prospective social and role functioning in individuals at clinical-high risk for psychosis with an ADHD comorbidity and history of stimulant exposure. Dr. Ereshefsky provides training, supervision, and assessment services as part of UC Davis' SacEDAPT clinic. Dr. Ereshefsky supports the National Early Psychosis Network's (EPINET) California Hub, "California Collaborative Network to Promote Data Driven Care and Improve Outcomes in Early Psychosis (EPI-CAL)", working with PI, Dr. Tara Niendam. Within the California Learning Health Care Network (LHCN) arm of the project, her work focuses on understanding provider and organization level characteristics that may impact implementation and uptake of Beehive, the data collection and visualization platform to improve data driven care. Dr. Ereshefsky supports training on Beehive's clinical utility. She also assisted in much of the qualitative work to support the basis for later components of the LHCN. Dr. Ereshefsky further supports EPI-CAL's Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Assessment Consultation Team. Newly added to her resume, Dr. Ereshefsky will be helping to lead a new 4-year SAMHSA initiative called "Sacramento Clinical high-risk Intervention for Psychosis Stepped-Care (SCIP Step)" Project, which will increase capacity of Sacramento County Community Mental Health (CMH) services to implement clinical high-risk for psychosis (CHRp) evidence-based stepped-care treatment within the community setting. In her free time, she enjoys being a fur-mom to her cat "Nori", enjoying nature, and local vegan offerings.