Tara A. Niendam

Tara A. Niendam, PhD

Associate Professor In Residence, Department of Psychiatry
Executive Director, UC Davis SacEDAPT Clinic
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My research interests focus on factors related to improving outcomes for individuals at risk for psychosis or in the earliest stages of psychotic illness. Impairments in prefrontally-mediated cognitive impairment are a core feature of psychotic illness and I hope to understand how these impairments 1) develop prior to illness onset, 2) change over time after onset, 3) and contribute to poor clinical and psychosocial outcome. I use fMRI and a variety of statistical methods to explore these questions.

I am also interested in improving treatment for individuals with psychotic illness. To that end, I am committed to bringing evidence-based assessment and treatment practices for early psychosis into the clinical mainstream via trainings and community-based partnerships. I also have a research program examining the utility of mobile health technology to improve outcomes for individuals with early psychosis.