Laura Tully

Laura M. Tully, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Curriculum Vitae

I am an Assistant Professor in the Translational Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience lab working with Drs. Tara Niendam and Cameron Carter. My research uses neuroimaging (fMRI) and experience sampling techniques to examine how the neural and behavioral mechanisms of cognitive control and emotion regulation relate to social functioning deficits in individuals with psychosis.

Representative Publications

Tully, L. M., Niendam, T.A. (2014) Beyond "cold" cognition: exploring cognitive control of emotion as a risk factor for psychosis. Current Behavioral Neuroscience Reports.

Tully, L. M., Lincoln, S.H., & Hooker, C.I. (2014). Lateral prefrontal cortex activity during cognitive control of emotion predicts response to social stress in schizophrenia. NeuroImage: Clinical, 6, 43-53.

Tully, L. M., Lincoln, S.H., Liyanage-Don, N., & Hooker, C.I. (2014). Impaired cognitive control mediates the relationship between cortical thickness of the superior frontal gyrus and role functioning in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 152 (2), 358-364.

Tully, L. M., Lincoln, S.H., & Hooker, C.I. (2012). Impaired executive control of emotional information in social anhedonia. Psychiatry Research, 197, 29-35.

Hooker, C. I., Tully, L. M., Verosky, S. C., Fisher, M., Holland, C., & Vinogradov, S. (2011). Can I Trust you? Negative affect influences social judgments in schizophrenia. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 120(1), 98-107.